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Throughout this course, we have explored insights into the pivotal role of behaviour change within healthcare practice.

By grasping the complexities of behaviour, understanding its underlying influences, and honing the skill to design effective interventions, we hope you have gained confidence to explore behaviour change in practice, strategically plan behavioural interventions using the Behaviour Change Wheel, and importantly, engage and collaborate with colleagues and stakeholders to design effective behaviour change interventions. This collaborative approach not only strengthens the effectiveness of interventions but also fosters a culture of continuous improvement within the healthcare setting.

The course was design based upon the COM-B model, applied to your learning. Think about how much you noticed throughout the course.

  • To develop your capacity, we provided information and relevant literature on the current theories of behaviour and behaviour change interventions in healthcare practice
  • To develop your opportunity, we discussed how you might apply this to your practice and how you might involve your colleagues in behaviour change
  • To develop your motivation, we asked you to reflect on the current practice in your workplace, what may be influencing behaviours and how you might be able to influence change

Furthermore, we hope you have acquired the necessary tools and knowledge to make a substantial impact on the behaviours exhibited in your workplace and as you come away from this course, we encourage you to reflect on the questions below.

  • How do you think you might involve your team in behaviour change?
  • Are there any improvements that have been implemented in the past that may be behavioural?
  • Which intervention type have you seen most often in your professional practice?