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Making time for behaviour change in your practice

The process of behaviour change is more successful when undertaken as a group. Conversations can be used to explore the existing capability, opportunity and motivation in healthcare practice and getting them right can be key to determining which behaviours are a good target for change and to identify those who can help drive this change.

These conversations themselves can also influence behaviour for example:

It is important to remember that behaviour change intervention and workplace contexts are also always evolving. If we implement a behaviour change intervention and it works well, we can use the learning to improve further: e.g., make a process more efficient or expand the reach to another group of professionals in the hospital.

However, if we try to implement behaviour change, and the intervention is unsuccessful, the project was not pointless. We can learn just as much from projects that may not go to plan. These projects can help us understand more about the barriers to change, any influences we may have overlooked, and can provide ideas for future behaviour change interventions.