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Getting into the habit of using the COM-B framework

Before we start, watch this short animation outlining the themes explored in this module.                                                                                       

For Behaviour (B) to occur, an individual must have Capability (C), Opportunity (O) and Motivation (M). The COM-B framework illustrates that these 3 factors are essential for a behaviour to occur and, therefore, for a behaviour to change.  These factors directly influence one another, making behaviour change more or less likely.

For example: if someone has the Opportunity to perform a behaviour in their workplace, they are likely to be Motivated to perform that behaviour, and the more Capable people feel when performing a task, the more likely they are to do it.

The infographic below demonstrates these ideas and how each element in the framework is connected.  

COM-B model. Adapted from Michie, S et al. 2011 Implementation Science.

Conversely, once a behaviour is established, performing that behaviour can impact individuals’, capability, opportunity or motivation to continue to perform it. People might also become more motivated to change once they have tried an activity. Exploring each of these influences can help us identify strategies to promote positive behaviour change in healthcare practice.