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Case studies revisited

We will now go through each of the case studies we asked you to explore and discuss the questions posed. Look through our summaries for the questions and answers below and think about whether they match your original thoughts.

Case study I

The details of case study I are presented below.

A pharmacy department consistently runs out of a particular brand of medication. Furthermore, the pharmacy waits for the branded medication to become available before issuing new prescriptions resulting in a gap in treatment. You would like to understand what might be influencing this behaviour.

 What would be the best way to ask the pharmacy about motivation?

Case study II

The summary from case study II is presented below.

A hospital has realised that there is limited communication between different healthcare professional disciplines (nurses, pharmacists, and doctors). In the past, this has made it difficult to ask clarifying questions, ask for advice or to challenge each other on potential mistakes. The group have decided that they want to change this behaviour and improve discussions. They have brought representatives together to form a behaviour change group and want to design an intervention. 

Why would the following questions be appropriate to stimulate a conversation about behaviour change intervention?

How did our answers compare to your original thoughts?