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Behaviour change technique taxonomy

Each behaviour change intervention can be broken down further into individual components. We call these behaviour change techniques. These techniques allow us to understand the exact method or active component that drives behaviour change.

There are 93 individual techniques grouped into 16 domains which include: goal setting, regulation and planning. You likely already use these in your practice without naming them directly. These could be things like:

  • ‘Prompts and cues’ such as a poster about vaccines in a clinic
  • ‘Feedback on behaviour’ for example, while counselling a patient on the correct at home treatment of symptoms
  • ‘Pharmacological support’ such as providing alternative nicotine products in a smoking cessation consultation

The groups of functions can be found below.

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To read more, the behaviour change techniques are provided in detail here.

Additionally, the techniques are available in an app for both iPhone and android called BCT Taxonomy.