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Pharmaceutical Society of Zimbabwe

Pharmaceutical Society of Zimbabwe

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Welcome to the Pharmaceutical Society of Zimbabwe (PSZ) members area for CPD.

Gift Tafadzwa Chareka
President, Pharmaceutical Society of Zimbabwe

I am excited to see another successful collaborative initiative with the Commonwealth Pharmaceutical Association! CPD serves as the best platform for members to exchange knowledge, current trends and best practices in the pharmaceutical enterprise. We convene physically and virtually on a regular basis to focus on the evolving issues that will improve access to medicines and provision of pharmaceutical services to the Zimbabwean and global population. I welcome members to this CPD programme and encourage you to leverage on the knowledge and experiences shared to save and improve human lives.

The Pharmaceutical Society of Zimbabwe is one of the oldest professional associations in the country, it was formed before 1950 and documentation of council activities started in 1951. The council for this incredible body met regularly in Bulawayo at the Chamber of Commerce board room 8th. Avenue/Fort Street. The Society was aware that its business was more than could be handled by a working pharmacist, especially young and inexperienced so it employed the Industry and Commerce rep as actual secretary. In order to make it work they met once a week to discuss issues and the President at that time was Ian Wilson.

Then came Federation – three countries together forming the Central African Federation. This meant the Society had to enlarge and so meetings were held in Vic Falls of the S.Rhodesian, N.Rhodesian, and Nyasaland Societies (the latter had only one pharmacist) and then a combined meeting of all three with S.R. taking the lead. Arthur Clark of Waddy and Co. in Bulawayo was the Fed. Society non-professional Secretary. The new President was E. S. Cohen (ESCO) a Bulawayo community pharmacist (and probably the first one ever registered to practice [by the BSA Company]). This was all in 1953 with the University of Rhodesia (now University of Zimbabwe) being the only pharmacy training school in the country and in the Federation. The country now has 2 pharmacy schools, the second at Harare Institute of Technology. One of the greatest historical landmarks of PSZ is the periodic annual meeting and the conference between general practice doctors and pharmacists (CPCPZ/PSZ Joint Congress) which has set an example to the world as we in Zimbabwe were the first to do this. The idea has been adopted by other countries and this has led to an increasing world-wide progression towards the concept of combined medical and allied practices being set up to provide a comprehensive service under one roof. The eyes of the Society must now and in the future also focus on immunisation, digital methods, drug abuse, electronic prescribing, patient’s medical histories and combined practice among many other facts. The past presidents who remain active in PSZ have great faith in the future of such a strong professional Society and would record my thanks and good wishes to its executive and members for the privilege of being able to use the letters M.P.S.