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Pharmaceutical Society of Tanzania

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Welcome to the Pharmaceutical Society of Tanzanians (PST) members area for CPD.

Fadhili Hezekiah
President – Pharmaceutical Society of Tanzanians

Dear Fellow Pharmacists and PST members. Continuing professional development (CPD) is a framework for, or approach to, lifelong
Learning. It’s a is an ongoing, self-directed, structured, outcomes- focused cycle of learning and personal improvement.
Next to integrity, competence is the first and most fundamental moral responsibility of all health professions, reinforced through the years of practice and continuous learning.
Our society is aiming at making CPD mandatory for annual retention, and therefore as an initiative to open more channels for our members to smoothly acquire the required points, we are partnering with CPA. CPA has a varsity of experience in CPD provision which makes us confident that you will find this partnership useful. Welcome.

PST was founded in 1967. Tanzania has five Universities offering Bachelor of Pharmacy.