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Pharmaceutical Society of Lesotho

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Welcome to the Pharmaceutical Society of The Lesotho (PSL) members area for CPD.

Atisang Mokhele 
President – Pharmaceutical Society of Lesotho

On behalf of the Pharmaceutical Society of Lesotho (PSL), I welcome you dear member to our CPD program that has been graciously offered by the Commonwealth Pharmacists Association in collaboration with the PSL. May the information you interact with be enriching to your professional career and development.

The Pharmaceutical Society of Lesotho was first formed in 2004 after the introduction of the Pharmacy Program in the University of Lesotho which was sometime between 2002 and 2004.

Let us have some background that we can share with all our other members, such as when the association was formed, when the pharmacy council formed (if there is one), how many schools of pharmacy there are. There are two schools of pharmacy in Lesotho. One graduates only Pharmacy Technicians, the other other graduates only Pharmacists. The Degree Program offered at the National University of Lesotho offers an Honors Degree In Pharmacy.

The pharmacy landscape comprises mainly of Academia, Community Pharmacy and Hospital/Clinic Based Practice. There are a few wholesalers and currently no manufacturing of pharmaceuticals outside of cosmetics that takes place in Lesotho due partly to lack of WHO prequalification for the one manufacturing company that has the resources and the factory set up.

A lack of regulation and a pharmacy act have crippled the appropriate practice of pharmacy in the Mountain Kingdom. A tripartite council, the Lesotho Medical, Dental and Pharmacy Council (LMDPC) governs the affairs of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy.