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Welcome to the Pharmaceutical Society of Cameroon (PSC) members area for CPD.

Dr. Nana Franck
President – Pharmaceutical Society of Cameroon

I would like to extend my fraternal greetings to all our compatriots who have signed unto this platform. You certainly will not regret as the CPA has demonstrated it’s competence as a serious association when it comes to Continuing Professional Development.

I certainly hope that you will take the training seriously as this is the best way to show gratitude to those who worked to bring this to fruition. It is a privilege for you to work alongside colleagues from other Commonwealth countries and we are grateful for the CPA that has made it possible.

Our Association has been existing for over six decades and until 2005, all pharmacists were trained abroad. The country currently has 4 pharmacy schools (3 state and 1 private). Cameroon (pop. 25 M) is a bilingual country comprising roughly 20% English Speaking and 80% French Speaking.