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Module 3: Using the Behaviour Change Wheel

An important practical use of behavioural science is to develop effective behaviour change interventions. Now that we understand what behaviour is and what influences it, we can explore how to change these influences in order to actualise a target behaviour using behaviour change intervention strategies.

In this final module, we explore how to plan effective behaviour change interventions using the Behaviour Change Wheel, as well as how to involve other healthcare professionals, including colleagues and superiors, in this process. We also outline behaviour change techniques, and how they allow us to understand what drives and motivates behaviour change in order to enact these in practice. Finally, we introduce multiple real-life scenarios relating to behaviour change and discuss how to apply the learnings of this course in your own practice.

By the end of the module, you will be able to:

  • Reflect on motivating factors for performing behaviours that can influence healthcare practice and drive behaviour change.
  • Understand how to use behavioural influences to plan appropriate behaviour change interventions using the Behaviour Change Wheel.
  • Build opportunity with colleagues through conversations about behaviour, behavioural influences and behaviour change.