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Module 2: Behaviour Change Influences and Framework to Drive Change

Healthcare professional practice is very complex and is made up of many behaviours and decisions. However, sometimes it can be useful to think of the individual behaviours that contribute to professional practice and what influences healthcare professionals to behave in those ways. Behavioural scientists have studied what factors influence behaviour for many years and have devised multiple frameworks to recognise these influences and have developed models for effective behaviour change interventions.

In this module, we explore the various factors that influence behaviours and outline the basis for the COM-B framework for behaviour change, which is used to develop effective interventions. We also introduce multiple case studies and discuss how to use the COM-B framework in your own practice to demonstrate practical problem-solving and decision-making within the context of behaviour change.

By the end of the module, you will be able to:

  • Understand what influences behaviour
  • Explore the opportunity for behaviour change in your workplace using the COM-B framework
  • Use the learning and case studies as a guide to think about what influences your behaviour and the behaviours of your colleagues

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