Tuberculosis Course for Community Pharmacists

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Community pharmacists are vital in the fight to reduce the emergence of resistant Tuberculosis (TB) due to being well placed to educate the public about TB, use their expert knowledge in medicines to promote appropriate prescribing and support adherence to TB treatment.

Course learning outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Provide relevant public health lifestyle advice to patients on TB and its management
  • Define the role of community pharmacy in preventing the emergence of resistant TB
  • Summarise the relevant factors to consider when reviewing TB prescriptions
  • Support patients on Directly observed therapy (DOT)

Before we begin, have a go at completing the following quiz. The purpose of this quiz is solely to measure your baseline understanding prior to taking the course. There will be another quiz at the end of the course so you can compare scores and check your progress. Please note, this quiz can only be attempted once.

Tuberculosis programme acknowledgements

Author: Timothy Rennie
Reviewers: Manjiri Gharat, Manjula Halai, Mubita Mwangana, Chiko Savieli

Published: November 2021
Review date: November 2024