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We are committed to the ongoing learning and development of pharmacists. Our online CPD platform, tailored for pharmacists in low-resource settings, provides high-quality educational programs to support pharmacists at all career stages including specialization in clinical areas, emphasizing convenience and accessibility.

Antimicrobial Stewardship

This category explores the principles and practices of antimicrobial stewardship, focusing on the optimisation of antibiotic use. Courses delve into strategies to preserve the effectiveness of antibiotics, combat antimicrobial resistance, and improve patient outcomes. Pharmacists will gain the knowledge to promote responsible prescribing and contribute to global efforts addressing this critical public health challenge.

Communicable Diseases

This category encompasses courses on a range of infectious diseases, with current offerings on malaria and tuberculosis. It aims to equip pharmacists with comprehensive knowledge on the prevention, diagnosis, and management of infectious diseases, enhancing their role in public health.

Non-Communicable Diseases

This category covers a broad spectrum of non-communicable diseases, offering pharmacists critical insights into the prevention, management, and treatment of chronic conditions. It aims to empower pharmacists with the knowledge and skills necessary to address the growing global challenge of NCDs, enhancing patient care and support in this key health area.

Pharmacy Practice

This category includes courses designed to refine and advance pharmacy practice, featuring a module on Introduction to Behaviour Change. It focuses on improving pharmacists’ skills in patient care, communication, and behavioural support, essential for fostering positive health outcomes.
Resources to help you develop your pharmacy practice
Case studies

Engage with real-world scenarios  and apply your knowledge, make critical decisions, and see the impact of different choices through case studies.

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Join pharmacists from around the world at regularly scheduled webinars and workshops led by experts in various fields of pharmacy.

Prescribing App

A repository of prescribing resources in human and animal health designed to support you and drive AMS.

I really appreciate just how easy it is to access, no hassle. it’s intuitive interface made the process very simple. I love the “my courses” dashboard because that provides easy access to my progress. After taking courses on antimicrobials my knowledge has greatly improved.

“To all our pharmacists I say thank you. You are the fifth emergency service, the vanguards of our health, the stalwarts of our communities. You make the world a healthier place.”

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